P400 battery repaired

Do It Yourself
Of course the salvaged battery had a shorted cell, so I had to improvise. The good news is that it's fixed and working! I also managed to reflash the BIOS with a non-official mod, enabling 3 Gbps, hot-swappable hard drives on all ports. Hail the high availability!
After a little bit of research it turned out that fixing the battery is going to be an easy job. The original package hides four, 1.2V 500 mAh cells, resulting a total voltage of 4.8V. I ran to the nearest shop and bought the cheapest 4-pack of AAA rechargeable batteries. 1.2V, 700 mAh each. Better than the original one!
I only had to solder them serial and the output of the pack to the PCB. After one night the following message greeted me:
Since the solution was working, I electrical taped the hell out of my creation and finally closed the chassis. It does not look good, but it works, it can not be seen and it was cheap!
Right: Original. Left: Abomination

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