Hello, stranger. Please come in and make yourself at home! I am glad to announce that Ӕ Central is back and soon valuable content will be loaded as my time allows :)
It's been a long time. I was not lazy though, I updated many of my programs and have new interesting scripting tips & tricks - plus a new member of my family, you'll see him as well I promise!
So what happened? I got bored of the previous look of my website. After long months of coding and attempts I decided not to put any energy in developing any new frameworks anymore - it's time to make my own life easier! I spent sleepless nights in front of my PC to find the perfect CMS to use... but better late than never, right? :)
So what is coming, you might ask and it is a very valid question. I finally decided to publish the best of the software I was home-developing, share my knowledge which might help others including, but not limited to IT. Will be most likely car related stuff anyway.
So be welcomed, get tuned up to some exciting content and... enjoy your stay!

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