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Important notices and news about the server hosting all services.

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Small server outage

Due to some network equipment upgrade, all services suffered a small (~30 minutes long) outage. After the upgrade everything should be back to normal.


Server hardware upgrade

The computer hosting all services has been brought down for about 16 minutes due to hardware upgrade.

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Server outages fixed

In the past half a year I was battling seemingly random Internet outages, which finally seem to be resolved! Average system availability increased from 98% to 99,91% in 4 months.

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Internet outage today and ISP switch in June

There was a long Internet outage today due to device failures at the ISP. The problem seems to be fixed now, all services should be back to normal. Unfortunately I am forced to change service providers, which will most probably cause issues.

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ESXi disk I/O benchmark and improvements

ESXi.pngSince the SSD arrived I had concerns about the disk throughput, performance was just not right. Copying a virtual disk image took a hilarious amount of time due to the ~80kB/sec transfer speed. I spent yesterday night with benchmarking, and the results are already better, but still not perfect.

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Small server outage for performance improvement

Today I had to take the server offline to test a salvaged P400 RAID controller. Although the components were not in use for a really long time, a low battery charge seems to be the only issue so far. A SFF8484 to SATA cable is on the way to be able to harvest the advantages, which includes improved data transfer speeds (lower page load times) and complete data redundancy.

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Random outages

Random outages of all services were happening in the past two days. The reason behind is a failing UPS which has been temporarily bypassed until the issue has been resolved. Please keep in mind that until the faulty device has been replaced, even a short power outage will cause the system to reboot, resulting complete unavailability for a couple of minutes.
Thank you for your understanding, sorry for the inconvenience caused!


Scheduled power outage

Due to renovations of the electric system, there will be a scheduled power outage from 2016.03.25 08:00 until 16:00 CET. During this period all devices will be turned off, which means the server and the website will be unreachable.
I am sorry about the inconvenience, thank you for your understanding!


Server outage

During the upcoming weekend I am planning to move the server hosting my services to a different location, which will result inevitable outages. However I am glad to announce that the useable bandwidth will be increased by 100% and due to the completely different infrastructure I am expecting the availability to be increased as well.
Please be patient, everything should be back to normal until Monday, 15th of February.



Hello, stranger. Please come in and make yourself at home! I am glad to announce that Ӕ Central is back and soon valuable content will be loaded as my time allows :)

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