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Delphi PageControl extra (updated 2019.11.29)

With this little unit I snipped together you can add close buttons on tabs and also rearrange them with drag-and-drop on a standard TPageControl component.

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Move Zeos database operations to background

I recently started to work on a database client using the incredible Zeos components. Unfortunately though bigger queries caused the application to freeze which is not very appealing to any end-user. Due to performance issues I was forced to use data-aware components, and passing DataSets or DataSources across threads causes nasty access violations.

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AE System Health Monitor teaser

To meet the standards of 2019 AE System Health Monitor has been rebuilt from scratch. However the initial public release is not yet planned, here's a little teaser to get some interest.

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Multi-threaded port scanning in Delphi

Delphi 7There were several times when my team had to do a port scan in a commercial environment to discover rouge or lingering devices on the network. I always had troubles finding a portable, commercial-free, easy-to-use, fast and trusted application so I decided to write my own.

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Delphi hexadecimal operations

Delphi 7I was recently working on a project where I had to work with huge numbers (>32 hexadecimal digits). Since not even the largest integer type was able to hold these, I had to come up with a solution to be able to do arithmetic functions on them.

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Delphi 7 and Windows 10

Delphi 7I recently managed to crash my development machine so hard that not even a recovery was possible. After the OS the next thing to install was Delphi 7 and I had to face with the usual compatibility issues.
Had enough of researching, it's time to put all necessary steps at one place to make this 15-year-old software to work on a modern system, like Windows 10!

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Windows Batch Scripting - Elevate.cmd

ScriptingI already made this mistake several times. UAC is turned on and I launch a Command Prompt to perform some activities. However, some actions will eventually fail as we don't have Administrative privileges.
In the past I launched a new Command Prompt (elevated, this time) and navigated back to the original folder to try again. Today I proudly present a script, which will do this for you!

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Windows Batch Scripting - Counting Gigabytes

command prompt.png
Recently I was assigned to a task where I had to collect folder sizes (and do some math with them) on large number of servers. Talking about real file servers I quickly met the famous "Invalid number.  Numbers are limited to 32-bits of precision." message. Here's how I solved it.

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Windows Batch Scripting - Displaying lines

command_prompt.pngProviding feedback for the user about the status of our scripts is really important. We would like to know if everything is fine - or if not, why? Let me show you some tricks which can take the well-known ECHO command a little bit further!

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